Dynamic Solutions: Userlist Remarketing

Remarket users who performed a specific activity on your site with a custom message relating to that activity, thus prompting them to convert. Advertisers can tag their pages with DoubleClick Floodlight tracking. This tracking enables the collection and segmentation of people who have been to their site and identifies what activities have been performed.

  • User list level information to trigger specific messaging. Did the user visit the homepage or a device page? Are they an existing or prospective customer? Use these signals in your dynamic strategy.
  • DoubleClick uses a single cookie space for remarketing so there is no potential for discrepancies or data loss. Just ensure that your attribution window accounts for the entire shopping period, which tends to span a number of weeks.
  • Most advertisers have this tagging in place. Contact your Media Agency to check if proper tagging is in place.

How Userlist Remarketing Works

Dynamic creatives can use DCM attributes to dynamically update ads based on the specifics of each impression. For Userlist Remarketing a DCM Ad must be set up to target each list of users who have visited a certain page of the advertiser's site. These Ad Ids will then be used in the dynamic spreadsheet to serve a different creative variation to each userlist. For more information check out the help center article in the resources section below.