Dynamic Solutions: DSP Audience Targeting

97% of marketers use audience and contextual targeting to increase performance and accuracy.

Ensure your message resonates with its target audience by using audience segments to cue the creative content. For media agencies leveraging real time bidding to purchase media, there are powerful audience signals that can be used in your creative strategies.

3rd party data segments

  • Use 3rd party audience segments from providers like Google, BlueKai, and eXelate to trigger messaging. For example, you can purchase sports car intenders and show them a relevant creative message touting your car models speed and design.
  • If you are leveraging DoubleClick Bid Manager (also known as DBM) or Adwords for real time bidding, there is a seamless data pass integration.

How Audience Targeting Works

If you are running your campaign through either DBM or Adwords you will be able to use data accesible from these platforms to serve a different creative variation to each audience you are targeting.This is done by putting the IDs of the targeted segment into the targeting column of your dynamic spreadsheet. To find out more please check out the help center article in the resources section below.